Friday, August 6, 2010

Nyotaimori a.k.a. Naked Sushi

What the heck is Nyotaimori? Well, a simple description is: naked ladies are displayed as platters to have sushi picked off them. And yes the private bits are covered.

Last night I took a few friends to Nyotaimori in Raleigh, NC. I have been wanting to experience this since a visit to Chicago about 4 yrs ago where I got a glimpse into a private event. When I peered into this room I saw this gorgeous girl completely splayed out in this outrageously artful way. She was stoic and serene and the men eating off her looked as if they were consuming not just sushi, but her beauty and youth. . . . as if they were worshiping at the alter of sushi. Since then, I've been looking for an opportunity to experience this myself.

I was not disappointed with the Nyotaimori experience. It was indeed beautiful and surprisingly whimsical. The colors and textures and contrast of cool and warmth/ soft and hard are just a feast for the eyes.

Sushi is a beautiful food in itself, but used as the icing on attractive flesh and viola.... ART!

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