Thursday, October 28, 2010

What's Up With "Nose to Tail" Eating?

What’s the deal with “nose to tail” dining?

It was started by an English chef, Fergus Henderson, who wanted to use the neglected parts of the animal when cutting meat. Although, nose to tail dining is British, the wines that accompany the meal are traditionally French.

The dishes served during a nose to tail meal are called “offal” dishes. Offal, from the Germanic word garbage or “off-fall” means the parts that remain after the meat is butchered.

So you may be thinking at this point…why would someone want to go to a meal like this?

Ferguson’s cuisine received a rave review from Anthony Bourdain, of “No Reservations” in his book Kitchen Confidential, “If I’m ever sentenced to death, I want Fergus Henderson to cook my last meal. The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating is a cult classic from my favorite chef and favorite restaurant in the world.”

Credited as “The World’s Most Influential Chef” in the Men’s Journal, Henderson is known as the offal king and was quoted in The Eater National, ““I like organs; they look like themselves...Kidneys, there’s a magical squeak, when you bite them, and then a give...I believe it’s that squeak that acts as a sort of…Cupid to me." Looks like you’ll have to bring your fangs out if you plan to try this British fad!

Doesn’t it seem appropriate that on Halloween to eat parts of an animal you wouldn’t usually consider to think of as edible? Ever tried lamb brains or roasted bone marrow? Here’s your chance!

“Nose to Tail” eating comes to the Giorgio Restaurant and Bar in Cary!

To celebrate the Fall season and Halloween, Giorgio will be hosting a "Nose to Tail" dinner, Sunday October 31st from 6:30 to 10featuring a variety of offal dishes. Guests will be seated together with the Chef and staff joining them to enjoy a family-style meal celebrating some of their favorite scary foods!

By Margaret Farley

My Restaurant Guru Intern at NC State University

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