Friday, June 17, 2011

Tastes Like a Winner to Me

 2011 Top Chef Master Floyd Cardoz
Having unplugged the television a couple years ago, the only TV I watch these days is through HULU. This leaves a void in my life for shows like ‘No Reservations’ and reality shows like 'Top Chef Masters' where America’s greatest chefs compete in a head to head competition.  This week Floyd Cardoz, formerly of Tabla in NYC, received the coveted honor of Top Chef Master 2011.

I am lucky enough to have eaten at Tabla and also befriend two mentees of Chef Cardoz who currently reside at ONE restaurant in Chapel Hill. Next week, in honor of their esteemed mentor, Chefs Sean and Carrie will deliver a triumphant meal, which we are all invited to taste. And speaking of invitations...ONE Restaurant has invited Floyd as their honored guest. How cool is that? With his new celebrity status and back-to-back bookings, let's just hope he'll be able to join.   Tabla closed late last year, so this is the only place where you can taste a sampling of Chef Cardoz’s legacy.

Make your reservations by calling (919) 537-8207 be sure to tell them My Restaurant Guru sent you. Seating will be overlooking the arena style kitchen and is limited to fifteen people per night.

**Menu is subject to change 

A Taste of Tabla @ [ONE]
In celebration of Top Chef Master Floyd Cardoz’
New Indian Cuisine
June 21-25
4 courses $55, $25 wine pairing supplement

Chef’s Amuse
roasted tomato, coconut and celery rasam
Brulee of Diver Scallop
shaved green apple, green chili cilantro emulsion,
pickled green mango
 Coconut and Black Kokum Upma
semolina, fricassee of wild mushrooms, fava beans, dana dahl
Rice Flake Crusted Black Grouper
Watermelon curry, watercress, cilantro lime relish
Vanilla Bean Kulfi
telicherry pepper chocolate sauce

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Meet your Meat

Coon Rock Farm /Hillsborough, NC

The notion of respecting your food is equivalent to respecting your body; you really are what you eat. And when you ingest something, you should know where it comes from and understand what effort it took to get into your mouth. It’s not a new concept. Just read Omnivore’s Dilemma, or watch Food, Inc.

I’m gonna take it one step further for carnivores: if you eat meat, you should to be able to kill it, gut it and prepare it. If you can’t stomach the thought, then you shouldn’t stomach meat.  Period. I realize not everyone can or has the ability to watch their meat get slaughtered, but shouldn’t you think about it? I mean really take a moment and think about how the meat that you are about to eat lived….and how it died for the nourishment of your body. 

I’m all about free enterprise but the commercialization of big Ag has gotten a little crazy. When I visit small enterprise farms I see happy chickens and happy cows.  They live like a farm animal should: respected. Contrast that to crammed, smelly, defecated enclosed spaces: that is the total opposite of happy.

Don’t be a meathead. Think about it.