Sunday, December 26, 2010

Make a snow cone with real snow!

Since North Carolina rarely gets snow like this, why don't you take advantage of the weather by eating it too?

Recipe for making homemade snow cones:
1.Combine sugar and Kool-Aid drink powder.
2.Add cold water, stirring to complete dissolve.
3.Combine 2 cups cold water and approximately 2 cups ice cubes in a blender.
4.Run blender on frappe setting, until ice is consistently crushed and slushy.
5.Spoon crushed ice into cups.
6.Pour flavoring mixture over each cup of crushed ice.

Merry Christmas,
Margaret Farley


  1. and this has to do with snow how??

  2. you can always swap the crushed ice for the real snow, though, I like my snow cones pollutant free. Cheers!

  3. sure but its bad to advertise a recipe incorporating real snow when it does not.